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  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • Large Living Room
  • Full Kitchen
  • Sleeps 6
  • Terrace

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Golf de Bendinat

Bendinat weather outlook, weather forecast in Palma de Mallorca for today.

Find out if the weather for Palma de Mallorca today is sunny, cloudy, windy, calm...

Average Temperatures in Majorca

Majorca's Mediterranean climate is an attraction to many, with Summer temperatures not too oppressive, and winter mildness making the Balearics the perfect location for city breaks in Palma, or walking tours of the West Coast around beautiful Deia. Humidity in Majorca and the Balearics oscillates around 70% during the year. The good humidity and temperatures combine to offer a soothing holiday climate - great for the Brits not used to extremely high temperatures. Indeed, many Spanish mainlanders come to Majorca and the Balearics out of the peak season, and if you visit Majorca resorts in Spring the Balearics hotspots have a much more Spanish feel! Sunshine days are excellent, with around 300 days of sun per year, with an average of about 5 hours sun a day in winter and more than ten hours sunshine in the summer months.

Majorca weather around the coast is better than inland, with prevailing winds coming mostly from the south-west. Average temperatures for Majorca on a monthly basis tend to run as follows:

Majorca weather in January - maximum 15°C, minimum 4°C.
Mallorca weather in February maximum 16°C, minimum 5°C.
Majorca weather in March maximum 18°C, minimum 7°C.
Majorca weather in April maximum 20°C, minimum 8°C.
Mallorca weather in May maximum 25°C, minimum 12°C.
Mallorca weather in June maximum 25°C, minimum 16°C.
Mallorca weather in July maximum 29°C, minimum 19°C.
Mallorca weather in August maximum 29°C, minimum 19°C.
Mallorca weather in September maximum 26°C, minimum 17°C.
Mallorca weather in October maximum 21°C, minimum 12°C.
Mallorca weather in November maximum 17°C, minimum 8°C.
Mallorca weather in December maximum 14°C, minimum 6°C.

Mallorca's sea temperatures:
January 14ºC
February 14ºC
March 16ºC
April 18ºC
May 22ºC
June 24ºC
July 27ºC
August 28ºC
September 26ºC
October 22ºC
November 17ºC
December 14ºC

Winter Temperatures in Majorca

Mild Winter temperatures in Majorca make this Mediterranean Island and the other Balearics ideal destinations for city breaks, golfing holidays, walking breaks, specialist cycling holidays in the mountain regions, or how about touring the monasteries and various vineyards.

Palma, the capital of Majorca makes the perfect Winter city break offering a host of contemporary art galleries, museums, a spectacular cathedral and a choice of superb restaurants, cafes and bars. A trip to Palma off peak in the mild spring and winter months see cheaper rates on accommodation - so what are you waiting for!




Events in Bendinat:

Classical Music concerts on the grass, at the Bendinat Golf Course

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